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Unique and artistic ceiling medallions are durable, lightweight, easy to install decorative solutions for the interior or exterior of your home.

Unique ceiling décor adds an elegant and beautiful accentto your home, office, hotel, restaurant or any residential or commercial setting. They come ready to install with easy instructions. All decorative ceiling centers maintain low profiles ranging from 3" to 4" making them perfect for lower ceilings. Yet they are substantial enough for accentuate higher ceiling areas. Decorative ceiling medallions are made from fiberglass, PVC and other high-impact materials that ensure the medallion will not deform over time. The designs come in a variety ofshapes and artistic colored designs to complement your specific ceiling area: Round, square, rectangle, star and oval. Custom ceiling medallions can be designed and orderedto accommodate for larger areas


Preparing Your Workspace

1 - Remove clutter from the floor space to insure a safe working environment
2 - Make sure all work and mounting surfaces are clean and dry before installation
3 - Follow manufacturer’s instructions when using tools and materials.



Before Installation


  1. Read all of these instructions before getting started. 
  2. If the medallion is to have a ceiling fan, chandelier or light below it, make sure the power is shut off at the breaker. Turning off the light switch WILL NOT prevent you from being shocked. If you have any doubts call a professional electrician. Check with a local electrician to insure your fixture conforms to local codes and regulations.
  3. Medallions cannot support the weight of a fan or light fixture. Likewise the fan or light fixture should not be used to support the medallion.


Tools & Materials Needed

Ceiling Medallion Installation Instructions
Screw Gun / 2” Sheet Rock Screws
Adhesive / Caulking Gun
Tape Measure / Pencil
Caulking (paintable latex)
Utility Knife




Adhesive should be applied liberally to the backside of the medallion where it touches the ceiling. Sheet rock screws will secure the medallion while the adhesive sets. You can use any adhesive that is rated for use with wood (check the back of the label) -- we have found great success using Liquid Nails, which works very well and is available at most home improvement stores.



Aligning Ceiling Medallion

Using your center point or fixture as a reference, lightly mark the ceiling with pencil where the perimeter of the medallion will be.  Check that the medallion will be aligned with the walls when installed.





  1. Make sure the power is switched off at the breaker before touching any wires. Turning off the light switch WILL NOT keep you from being shocked.
  2. Consult your fixtures instructions. You may need to purchase additional hardware to make your fixture compatible with the offset of the medallion
  3. Make sure you have enough people to help you maneuver the medallion into place and then hold it while the sheet rock screws are sunk.
  4. Apply adhesive liberally to the backside of the medallion where it touches the ceiling.
  5. Feed the electrical wires or support through the center of the medallion.
  6. Press the medallion against the ceiling. Use 2” sheet rock screws to secure the medallion to the ceiling.
  7. Clean up any adhesive with mineral spirits and a cloth.

Cover screws with supplied caps or touch up screw heads with the gold paint provided
NOTE:  We are not responsible nor do we hold any liability for installation problems or damages arising from installation. These instructions are provided as a general guide and should never supersede local building codes. The consumer assumes all responsibility to adhere to local building code and methods when modifying any structural elements methods when modifying any structural elements.

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