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We have wonderful, eye-catching designs, whether you are looking for a simple or extravagant embellishment to your home. Available in single or double door options, our New Orleans-style wrought iron doors provide the following benefits:
✴ The look and feel of luxury
✴ Excellent security and safety for your family
✴ Custom opening shapes and sizing options
✴ No maintenance required
Available in single and double doors.

All our wrought iron doors, metal entranceways, forged iron doors, ornamental iron doors, steel entryways, and front iron doors come on pre-hung steel frames for easy installation. Doors are fully insulated with high quality foam that is pumped into the jamb and into the style of the door sheet.  The doors also include a steel lip frame and weather-stripping to ensure a secure seal.  All glass is insulated with dual-panel energy conservation and is tempered for safety.  Our doors offer window panels that conveniently open independently from the door for cleaning, ventilation or security. This feature can keep the door closed and locked between the homeowner and the outside party while allowing for conversation, to keep pets and children in, etc.
Wrought Iron Entrance Door Detail
  1. Precise formed steel for door jamb with standard 0.08" – 12 or 14 gauge (2.0 mm) thick and 6" (150 mm) width.
  2. Solid 0.55" (14.00 mm) iron scrolls welded to a heavy tubing frame.
  3. Decorative and strong hinges for superior appearance and easy installation.
  4. GMT deadbolt locked system.
  5. Strong hand-made door handles (door pulls)
  6. Hand-forged threshold (6.00" 1.60" 0.08") - (150 mm x 40 mm x 2 mm) thick T-shaped, fully welded and installed.
  7. One set of rolling latch installed at the bottom part.
  8. Two sets of up-and-down flush bolts installed.
  9. Dual pane tempered laminated clear or frosted glass 10+10=20 mm (3/4").
  10. Hinged glass frame with stainless steel forefinger spring latch release.
  11. Heavy duty weather stripping around jamb and glass frame.
  12. Injected polyurethane foam per door jamb, door panels and thresholds, which helps to lower your heating and cooling costs.

Assembled, pre-drilled, adjustable mounting brackets for friendly installation at site.

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